Saturday, 1 August 2009

Live at the BBQ...

sorry but blogger has re-sized the stitch ups into a tiny size... I'm working on a way of getting them bigger. If you want a full size copy just e-mail me... Sorry but they are too big for Hotmail accounts.

Here's them all in a flickr

proper update coming soon... in the meantime you can all have a chuckle at my expense.



Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Local Film Event @ Project Slogan Wed 17th Dec

Wednesday 17th December
Project Slogan Galler 2
Langstane Place (Next to the back of Bruce Millers)
7pm - 10pm

A new night for film fans and films makers to attend and get involved with. Were looking to help build a network and meeting place for people who are making films but have nowhere to show them.
We'll provide the projectors, the space and a couple of free drinks, all you have to do is tell your friends or other people who would be interested in this event. For the first night we have a small selection of films by local and international film makers but hope to have more submissions for a second Future Shorts / Local Film night taking place in February 09.
Music will be provided by the M.O.C. iPod.

The Line up for tomorrow sits like this.

1 Hour film loop by Deidre McPhillips

Followed by local films:

Three 5 minute films by Sam & Michael who run Donside Productions.
Free Spoons & Little Victories by Jon Reid
Natural History by Jenny Hood & Stewart Comrie
HAIR by Stewart Comrie
Fae The Rigs by Callum Kellie
Ezy Rider by Fraser Denholm
Pimp my Bike by Jon Reid

And possibly one more bonus film for good measure. Join the facebook pager

Friday, 17 October 2008

Future Shorts News

I dont know how much the ticket prices are going to be yet ut i'm working on organising an after cinema party somewhere close by that will hopefuly have a free beer and sandwich for everyone and hopefuly 3 or 4 more local films made by myself and anyone else I can find in time.
I will be looking to get more local films and talent involved for screening at the next Future Shorts night on November so if you know any local film makes, doesn't matter what they do just let them know I want to show off their work, unless its really, really bad in which case I definately want to show it.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Friday, 10 October 2008

11.55 Artist T Shirt Launch @ Attic

Big thanks to the guys at Attic clothing in the Academy, Schoolhill for a good night with good beer and sweet threads. Check out the new tees and the new ranges they have in. The new tees were pretty cool, check them out here.
Calum representing, word.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Local Movie Premiere - Occasional Monsters

Premiering tonight at the Belmont cinema, Occasional Monsters. Looks funny as fuck and should be interesting to see what some local lads have come up with. Watch the trailer Go down and show your support.

Belmont Cinema

Be there or beware of Occasional Monsters.

Friday, 3 October 2008


Hey folks I have been thinking about setting up a regular movie night in Aberdeen and decided to contact the Future Shortsnetwork to see if they fancied extending their nights to Aberdeen. Well they'd already beaten me to it but had yet to find a rep willing to help organise future events. Well its going to be me and I'm going to be trying to organise as many fun nights in as many different venues as I can. 

The first night has already been arranged so if you want to help a bro out then please come down and ill make sure you have a great night & the next one is even better.

Venue: The Belmont Cinema
Date: 29.10.08
Time: 6.30

Line up for the evening but maybe not in this order.


Future Shorts celebrates its fifth birthday with an exclusive relaunch programme. The festival now runs in 30 countries worldwide and is launching with a hugely inventive and entertaining collection of films featuring films by Wes Anderson starring Natalie Portman, a first look at the beautiful and touching film for The Cinematic Orchestra To build a home, as well as and eclectic mix of films from Australia, Switzerland, the US and New Zealand and many more.


Dir: Roel Wouters 
Netherlands - 2007 
ZZZ’s ‘Grip’, is the first video of Roel Wouters aka Xelor. It’s a one take top shot music video with trampoline gymnasts simulating typical video effects.


Dir: Spencer Susser 
Australia - 2007 
Jimbo is thirteen and he has a crush on Sarah Jane, the girl of his dreams. She still doesn't want to hear of him. But Jimbo is persistent. He will make Sarah Jane fall for him, no matter how long it will take. And what does he care if he lives in a post-apocalyptic environment? If the adults are dead? If the place is infested with zombies? Jimbo loves Sarah Jane. That's that.


Dir: Wes Anderson 
United States - 2007 
Hotel Chevalier is a short film by director Wes_Anderson Jason Schwartzman and Natalie_Portman, the film acts as a prologue to Anderson's 2007 feature The Darjeeling Limited. It is a short about a man who receives an unexpected visit from an ex-girlfriend in a room at the Hotel Chevalier in Paris.


Dir: Jonas Odell 
Sweden - 2005 
This fascinating animated documentary chronicles four people’s life-changing episode from hilarious to serious.


Dir: Up The Resolution 
United Kingdom - 2008 
An intimate look at love, life and death during the final hours of a couple’s life together. Their extreme reaction to terminal illness is both defiant and humane, reclaiming a romance and poignancy denied by hospitalisation. Shot to 35mm film on location in the rural hills of Cumbria in the North of England, this 12 minute film features acclaimed actors Julia Ford (Room for Romeo Brass) and Peter Mullan (Cannes Best Actor’98/ My Name Is Joe).


Dir: Chris Milk 
United States - 2008 
‘Who’s Gonna Save My Soul ‘ is Director Chris Milk and Gnarls Barkley’s second video collaboration from the album ‘The Odd Couple’.  Chris Milk brings some serious heart crooning to life.


Dir: Mark Simon Hewis 
United Kingdom - 2007 
The Life Size Zoetrope is the morose life story of one man, told via a one-take live action shot of a human zoetrope containing the film.


Dir: Veer & Run Wrake 
United Kingdom - 2008 
A peaceful metropolis of family values and space-age dreams. Mild-mannered blonde Dorothy Gayne secretly protects its citizens from harm. But dangerous new technologies abound. What happens when a powerful device falls into the hands of scientist-turned-villain Doctor Moire? 


Dir: Harry Sinclair & Don McGlashan 
New Zealand - 1989 
The Lounge Bar is a hilarious and disturbing tale of a chance meeting between three people in a New Zealand bar one night.  Each character's fate is inextricably linked with that of the person next to them in ways too strange to mention.

So thats what you can expect for the first night, tell your friends, tell your family and come on down. Ill also be looking to show short films made by local people to get to work and ill do my best to get your films show along with other international talents at Future, Future Shorts events.